A Singaporean jeweller’s family history, from humble beginnings in 1925

Backstory: A Brush with Death

In January 2002, when Francis Ngau was only 29 years old, he felt some discomfort on his neck.

Deeply concerned, he visited his General Practitioner, who referred him for an ultrasound.

A lump was found in Francis’ left thyroid.

The doctor then referred him to…

A “lifestyle journey” in 2020 takes Li Yaqi from the mountains of Tibet, to a Buddhist temple in Suzhou, to some deserted islands in the East Sea

Imagine working as a hostel receptionist in Yunnan; a story writer at Qingqing Youth; a tour guide; a Buddhist monk at Baoshan Temple; a Taoist monk at Wudang Five Immortals Temple; a shepherd in Xinjiang; a farmer in Henan; and a fisherman in Fujian province.

A young friend of mine…

My friend — and successful Medium writer — shares about writing success, as well as some thoughts on public health and misinformation

With more than 1,300 followers on Medium, Singaporean Dr Joel Yong is a top writer in education, science, and health.

He simplifies healthcare, biochemistry, and other science-related topics into accessible, popular, and successful Medium posts.

One question came to my mind: What are some of the secrets of his success…

A short primer of the only known hot spring on mainland Singapore — once owned by my forefathers

The Sembawang Hot Spring near the junction of Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue makes an interesting conversation topic.

First, it is the only known hot spring on mainland Singapore.

In fact, the village that once existed in the area was called Kampong Ayer Panas in Malay, meaning “hot water village”.

A short summary of a full life

Singapore has been a multi-racial, multi-religious settlement since its early days.

One of the people who came on the ship Indiana with Sir Stamford Raffles — who founded modern Singapore — on his second visit to Singapore was a certain Mr Naraina Pillai from Penang.

A couple of suggestions to increase number of followers — it takes a community


Special thanks to JL Matthews for inspiring me to post this article. Ever since I came across “Who Needs 100 Followers?”, with its amazing opportunity, I have received proof that Medium is indeed a “vibrant community of writers and readers sharing common interests”.

And I would like to make…

Discovering the fundamentals about writing successful children’s books: an explainer to myself

What is a picture book?

A picture book is written for children between two to eight years old. The best picture books can be considered beautiful works of art, where words and pictures work together to tell a coherent story. …

We could be kinder to one another; appreciate our limited time on earth; and count our blessings

Today, I attended the funeral and cremation service of the last of my grandparents. And I was there to pay my last respects, yes, but mainly to comfort my mother in her time of grief.

My aunts and my mother tried their level best to be strong, but at the…

My experience grappling with death: the passing of a loved one is never easy, and with every death, something in the world is lost

It is astonishing how some memories are bright, clear, and vivid, and can withstand the test of time, while others are hazy, blurry patches, like ghosts in mists.

Many years ago, I was a new economics tutor at a junior college. …

Shawn Seah

Singapore-based writer and public speaker, passionate about education, social issues, and writing local history and community stories.

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