A short summary of a full life

A statue of Mr Naraina Pillai along the Singapore River in 2019 during the Singapore Bicentennial. This picture was taken by the author.

A couple of suggestions to increase number of followers — it takes a community

An image of a public talk the writer gave in 2017 (pre-COVID). Photo by author’s team.

Discovering the fundamentals about writing successful children’s books: an explainer to myself

Artist’s impression of kampung children at a school funfair in the 1950s (inspired by Montfort School). Painted by Jeyasoorya on a commission for Shawn Seah.

We could be kinder to one another; appreciate our limited time on earth; and count our blessings

Photo by Eyasu Etsub on Unsplash

My experience grappling with death: the passing of a loved one is never easy, and with every death, something in the world is lost

Draft sketch of a kampung (village) church. Sketched by Jeyasoorya, as part of a commission for author Shawn Seah.

What does it mean to live in a small country with limited space?

A photograph of my ancestor Seah Eu Chin’s tomb at Grave Hill, taken in 2017.

What “The Cathedral Story” can teach us about finding purpose and meaning in the work we do

The Church of the Nativity at Upper Serangoon. Photo taken by author.

Returning to a lost love of writing fiction is a real personal challenge

An impression of how my primary school, a Catholic school, would have looked back in the 1990s. This artwork is based on St Gabriel’s. Painted by Singapore artist Jeyasoorya on a commission.

Marketing matters: sharing some of my experiences in seeking out reviews and blurbs

A young poet’s inspiration soars while watching aeroplanes

“Erosion”, artwork by poet and artist Dorothy Yuan (provided by interviewee). This piece stood out for me because, as the artist’s statement states, “by juxtaposing both maps, the audience is encouraged to weigh the costs and benefits of Singapore’s development”.

Shawn Seah

Singapore-based writer and public speaker, passionate about education, social issues, and writing local history and community stories.

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